FECCIA press release on "ECJ ruling on gene editing"

Press Release

Tuesday, 25th July 2018

Managers in the chemical industry criticise EJC ruling on Gene Editing

FECCIA, representing the managers in the European chemical industry, is disappointed by today’s ruling of the European Court of Justice that altering organisms using techniques of genome editing such as “mutagenesis” counts as genetic engineering and will therefore be regulated under the GMO directive. As a result, any food that has been developed with the help of gene editing would need to be labelled “genetically modified” in future.

Roland Leroux, president of FECCIA states: “It is regrettable that the EJC did not follow the expert opinion of researchers, scientists and specialists in the fields of gene editing and modification. Our grave concern is that this decision is a huge step backward and will hinder future development and innovation of this revolutionary technology, which will inevitably lead to Europe losing its competitiveness in the fields of agricultural biotech even further.”


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